Current Time: Tuesday, September 2, 2014 13:56 GMT

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Tropical Globe's Live Reconnaissance Archive for the East and Central Pacific Basins (BETA)
No decoded data could be found.

System Status: Updating every 5 minutes.
Last Update: September 2, 2014 13:53 GMT

Complete List of Live Decoders:
URPN15 - High Density (HDOB) Messages
URPN12 - Vortex Messages
UZPN13 - Dropsonde Reports
URPN11 - Tropical RECCO Observations

Data check every 1, 2, 2/3, 5, or 10 minutes depending on activity.
First system check of every hour is always at :03. (:00 when active)
Live Reconnaissance Archive (BETA):

Miss a storm's recon? Easily catch up by viewing a decoded recon product using our enhanced interface in our real time archive.

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Live Reconnaissance in Google Earth (BETA):

View recon tasked by the NHC in Google Earth.

 Live Recon Data in Google Earth ( View Tutorial )

You can also view live recon in your browser using the Google Earth plugin by clicking here. (Dropsonde diagrams are not available when using the web based version of our recon product.) If you would like to use a version of our Google Earth recon product that does not automatically fly to the plane's location each time, click here.

Manual Decoder at Tropical Atlantic (that decodes Atlantic and Pacific producuts)

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